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Being a developer at Tandem is all about collaborating with clients to help them solve meaningful business challenges. We want to work on software with a positive social impact and feel good about what we do. We typically spend our days at the Tandem office in Bucktown (Chicago) or the Financial District (San Francisco), working directly with our clients in small teams, building and providing guidance on products, and collaborating with designers.

If you like writing well-tested, maintainable, and clean code, that's fantastic! We do too. We hope you're also excited about participating in client meetings, discovery sessions, and design discussions, as well as engaging the wider community through things like open source, blogging, meetups, podcasting, and conference talks.

Our vision is to create a supportive, collaborative environment and empower people to do the best work of their lives. Everyone says that, though, right? The difference between Tandem and a typical tech company is that instead of bringing in snacks and a ping pong table and calling that "culture," we do the behind-the-scenes work to foster an environment where everyone teaches and everyone learns. Egos are low, and we're all genuinely interested in seeing everyone else succeed. If this sounds good to you, please read on.

(But we do have snacks.)

In this role you will...


Technical Skills

Our projects are largely greenfield web and mobile applications, but also sometimes involve extensions to existing systems. Projects tend to last 3-9 months, so you'll be exposed to many different systems and business verticals.

We do most projects in Ruby, JavaScript, and various mobile technologies. We occasionally have projects in the Python, Java, .NET, and Node ecosystems. Nothing is off-limits, however, so familiarity with any modern framework, even one not on our list, is a plus.

We subscribe to a modern, evolving process that has us writing tests for almost all the code we add to a codebase. We also believe in continuous integration/delivery and do frequent deployments on every project. Our projects rarely work with dedicated QA personnel.

Personal Competencies

Career Paths...What level am I at?

At Tandem we have a few levels in our career path for engineering. Once we get into the interview process we'll determine where you fit along that path.

This application is for people with prior experience as a professional software developer. If you have just graduated from a bootcamp, or only have a few months of experience, you might be interested in applying for our apprenticeship. Check our blog, twitter feed, or open positions page to learn when our apprenticeship applications are open.


PLEASE NOTE: applicantions which do not include thoughtful responses to the questions on the following screen will be disregarded.

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